Senior Survey


More Than Medicine: A Survey of Seniors by CareMore

As our health care system increasingly incentivizes the implementation of care delivery models designed to improve care, new and interesting models are emerging.

To gain a deeper understanding of what Medicare-eligible adults experience when receiving care, we worked with Harris Poll to survey seniors about what programs and services would help them live the healthiest possible lives.

Image of doctor in white coat with patients sitting in a circle

Be in the Circle

What it Means to Be in the Circle

CareMore is a physician-founded, physician-led care delivery system and health plan. We harness the power of teamwork to treat the whole person, looking for common-sense approaches to meet the medical, social and personal health needs of our patients.

We embrace healthcare’s shift from volume to value because it enables freedom to do what is right for patients. For us, this isn’t healthcare transformation. We’ve been doing it for more than 20 years.

It starts with a simple, yet powerful premise: It’s always worth it to put the patient at the center. Our team-based approach to care helps keep our sickest, most frail elderly out of the hospital and helps those who are at risk improve and maintain their health through comprehensive treatment and prevention programs.

To be at the center, there has to be a circle. Hear from our members about how we create a supportive environment with access to people and services needed to optimize health. Learn more about what it’s like to “Be in the Circle.”

Frank Werner

Frank Werner, Jr.

“It’s nice that it’s a team program, because one person knows what the over one is doing, and they coordinate.”


Shirley Stejska

Shirley Stejska

“CareMore has taken all of the worry out of my medical programs.”


Chairmain Vik

Chairmain Vik

“It makes you take that deep breath, that sigh of relief, knowning that (my mother’s) insurance company really does care.”